Thursday, April 24, 2014

List of Favorite Anime Movies of All Time

I am looking for mood music to listen to and I found Joe Hisaishi's Concert in Youtube. Then I kept on repeating the "Merry Go Round of Life" track in different versions. Finally, I decided to do something about this itch to get something done (what the heck, I'm making my list). I'm going to be a fan and show my love for the anime movies that will be in my list of favorites of all time.

Here goes, the anime movies that have touched my life in one way or another.

Caught on Film First Entry

I've had this blog since 2011 but I never really had the chance to post the articles I've written. Finally, an inspiring concert from Joe Hisaishi is going to turn all those drafts to actual posts. Thanks for that push Joe.

What is this Caught on Film, etc... about?
Basically, its for my happiness. I just want to see a portfolio of all the movies, sitcoms, series, etc, I've watched. I also want to revisit them once in a while by putting them into categories.

So for you who is going to read this blog, first thanks for clicking on it but rest assured that you are reading something that is subjectively made based on my preference.

If you agree then give me a cheer. If you don't, move along then, as this is not for you.

Let's keep it simple everyone. :)

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